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Remote Start - Audiosmith

Remote Start

Frigid winter temperatures are hard enough to bear without having to get into a freezing vehicle every morning and wait for it to warm up. The sweltering summer is no better. Before you can take the heat in your car without burning yourself on the metal trim, you have to stand outside baking until the air conditioner kicks in. Well, Audiosmith has a simple solution that will deal with both dilemmas and make your life easier in any kind of weather, all year round: a remote car starter.


Enabling you to start your vehicle’s engine from hundreds or even thousands of feet away, depending on what range of coverage you choose, a remote car starter from Audiosmith makes a marvelous gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any other occasion where thoughtful presents are exchanged. After all, what could be more thoughtful than treating your loved ones to the ultimate in comfort and convenience when the weather is at its worst? While flowers wither and clothing never fits, a remote starter will continue to warm and cool the interior of your recipient’s vehicle day after day, month after month, for many years to come. If you have one yourself, you understand how wonderful an automatic car starter can be. If not, don’t wait for a special occasion for someone to reciprocate. Go out and get one of your own, just because you deserve a little pampering as well.

The showroom at Audiosmith stocks an extensive selection of remote car starter equipment from such leading manufacturers as Compustar and Galaxy. So whether you’re looking for a stand-alone remote starter for your car, truck, or SUV, or you’re interested in a comprehensive vehicle security system with a car starter component, our certified technicians can set you up with your equipment of choice and have your installation completed in the most prompt and professional manner possible. We’re also available to install remote starters purchased from other shops, as well as service car starter equipment that’s in need of repair.

While professional installation is a must for all mobile electronics gear, it’s especially significant for remote car starters. Since your vehicle will be turned on and running without anyone inside, it’s critical to have all of your vehicle security features and safeguards properly installed and in full working order, from car alarm systems to keyless entry. The comfort and convenience of a car starter is a fantastic luxury in extreme temperatures, but not if it allows thieves to access your vehicle! For the utmost attention to car starter installation and repair, insist on the installation pros from Audiosmith.

So show your loved ones how much you care by giving the considerate gift of a remote car starter for their next special occasion. Not only will it keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but it will also reduce the need for costly car maintenance by cutting down on everyday engine wear and tear.

Give Audiosmith a call today to get a free estimate on a remote car starter for that special someone, or for yourself. We’re fully insured for your protection and all of our workmanship comes standard with a lifetime guarantee. Reach us by phone or stop by our Fox Lake showroom to learn more about remote car starters. We serve all of Lake County and environs, and we’d love to take care of all your mobile electronics needs.


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