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Mobile Video

If you’re a parent, then you know how bored and irritable kids can get strapped in a seat during the daily commute or on those long family trips spent confined in a vehicle. Sure, you can play games or listen to music, but after a while, even those diversions can grow old. To keep the kids content and occupied for hours, what you need is a brand-new in-car mobile video system from Audiosmith. While we can’t promise you an end to the whining, we can ensure that your system will work like a charm and be an endless source of entertainment for the whole family as well as any special passengers who happen to ride along.

Built entirely according to your specifications, the mobile video systems from Audiosmith are ideal for your car, truck, SUV, or even recreational vehicle. We can also install components to bring mobile video capabilities to your boat. So whether you want to install car video equipment purchased from us or components bought somewhere else, our experienced technicians can design an in-car mobile video platform tailored to your precise needs, including:

  • Your choice of screen mounting options – such as headrest, flip-down, and in-dash video
  • A variety of video input choices – from stand-alone car DVD players to integrated units with combination radio, CD, DVD, and even GPS navigation
  • Fun, add-on features – like video game inputs and installed gaming systems, iPod video inputs, infrared headphones, and remote controls

As you can see, the extent of your entertainment setup in car audio video installation is completely up to you. From a single car DVD player to an elaborate configuration of screens and video capabilities, you can rely on our local, family-owned team to put together a system that works for you and your passengers, be it simple or sophisticated. And just like our customized car audio creations, you can dictate how you want your mobile video components to look, with personalized interior choices in dashboard design and more.

So don’t subject your kids, or yourself, to hours and hours of boredom stuck on the road. Keep them, and all of your other passengers, passing the miles in peace with a car video system made just for you. Come into Audiosmith today to explore all your entertaining options, or let our fully insured car audio installers make the trip to you. Either way, you’re bound to get a lot more pleasure out of your time spent driving, be it an auto, truck, SUV, or even a boat. And don’t forget a mobile video installation for your RV, perfect for those long stretches of highway and rainy days parked at the campground.

Your Source for Backup Cameras

As entertaining as mobile video can be, safety is your first and foremost concern when it comes to your kids and your car. In fact, according to the nonprofit group KidsAndCars.org, on average, 2 children die and about 50 are injured every week by someone accidentally backing over them in a vehicle, usually a parent or other close relative. That’s why, by 2014, automakers will be required by federal regulators to put backup cameras in all passenger vehicles. Don’t wait for these essential safety devices to be mandated by the government. Supplement the security of your air bags and anti-lock brakes today, and prevent tragic backover accidents from occurring with a rear view backup camera for your car, truck, or SUV. Audiosmith has them in stock and ready to install, along with any of your other mobile electronics devices. Give us a call today for a free estimate on a backup camera or to schedule an appointment for installation. With statistics like those, this is one vehicle safety feature you don’t want to put off.

Audiosmith’s lifetime warranty on workmanship is your assurance of a job well done. Contact us today for all of your car DVD and mobile video enhancements, as well as backup camera installation. Regardless of where the equipment is purchased, you can be certain your service will be top notch, every time, when you choose our pros for installation.

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